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I love seeing independent females who don't need a man for anything. It is important to have your own things and your own dreams. Building your own life is a wonderful thing and I believe finding it for yourself is important and never to settle for anything less than what you want or deserve. If you are in a relationship you can still be an independent woman who does not need to always depend on her man for everything.



  • LEARN TO LOVE shouldn't love your partner more than you love yourself. Remember to love yourself and to be nice/kind to yourself.

  • FIND HAPPINESS ON YOUR OWN is important to find happiness on your own before finding it from somebody else.

  • DON'T RELY ON OTHERS FOR VALIDATION....nobody has to approve of your life besides yourself. As long as you are being healthy you don't need anybody approval.

  • FINANCIALLY my opinion I believe it is important to have your own money. I doesn't make it wrong to take what people give you, but making and having your own is important.

  • CAREER,CAREER GOALS.....having your own career or ways to make a decent income is important. I believe going or being in a relationship/that you should have your own money. That doesn't mean you have to pay for everything, but having your own is important and also safe.

  • KEEP A HEALTHY SOCIAL is too short to be mad at people or have any kind of negative energy. It is important to be around people and to go out and loosen up. It is also a good thing to spend time with family and those you love. When you are in a relationship and you guys live together, it is important to also have a healthy social circle, so that it can release tension on the time you guys spend together.

  • COMMUNICATION IS is important to share how you feel with your partner. When you have any concerns it is important to be vocal. When you don't like something it is important to share rather than staying quiet. What you think and feel matters.

  • DO YOU.....there are times when you and your partner do not always have to be together, especially if you already live together. You have to make sure that you are doing things on your own as well as with your partner because you don't want to start having problems from being around each other to much.

At the end of the day, you wanna say that you did that, that you made it happen. Independence is a way to show people that you did that SHIIIII. Don't ever let anybody take your independence!

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