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In the future I will be making a youtube video on this, but for right now I am going to write about it. This is simply my everyday needs and what I cannot go without. I have a pretty large everyday bag, so don't think I am weird when I share my massive list.


And it begins......

  1. Perfume and or body spray, probably both

  2. Lotion

  3. Vaseline

  4. Lip gloss(three shades that look almost alike) and chapstick

  5. Wallet

  6. Gum

  7. Charger

  8. Airpods/ and Apple headphones

  9. Extra face masks

  10. Girly needs

  11. Snack

  12. Book for when I am bored

  13. Small planner(small because my bigger one is in my backpack) or to do list

  14. Nail Oil(cause I am weird asf)

  15. Deodorant

  16. Hand wipes/Hand sanitizer

  17. House Keys

  18. Sunglasses, usually two pairs because I don't know what I will be in the mood for

  19. Candy(usually)

  20. Vape Pen

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