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Saving money is an important thing to do throughout your life. Spending money that you don't necessarily have to spend is also important to know how to do. These are my little tricks and things I do to spend less money or sometimes no money.


PURCHASE GAS ALL AT ONCE INSTEAD OF ONLY PUTTING A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF MONEY AT A TIME.....What this means is if your low on gas, fill up the entire tank instead of just saying can you add $10 to pump 4. This help you in the long term because you won't have to keep stopping. If you drive a lot, that $10 of gas is going to be gone in no time.

INSTEAD OF HANDY MEN/TRY TO DO IT YOURSELF.....This isn't as hard as it seems and can actually help you save money plus learn how to do things. If something is broken or needs fixing, try looking up how to do it yourself. Watch tutorials and read different articles that go over the process. This can save you big bucks that you would have spent on repairs.

DAILY/MONTHLY BUDGET.....Sometimes you will catch yourself buying things you don't use or for no reason. Setting a limit for yourself can help you control the spending. If you have a set number on the amount you can spend, you will likely spend much less on things you don't need.

TRY DOING THINGS, nails, eyebrows and whatever else you do for upkeep can cost a lot of money. Learning how to do things yourself can be a simple solution to spending the amount of money and getting it. This can help you cut maintenance costs as well as gain some knowledge.

SELL THINGS YOU DON'T USE OR WANT....By doing this, you can earn money as well as have less stuff. You can also donate the things so you know they are going to a great cause. Being organized is important for your mental health. It can decrease your anxiety as well as stress.


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