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It is hard to always know what your crush or the man you want to be with thinks about you. We women all love to be in love, but yet I believe do not properly always understand men. I think we waist a lot of time on the wrong man, when maybe the right one is standing right in front of us. We also might settle or be going towards the wrong man, and that is why we always end up in the same position. From the things I have learned and seen, I am going to come up with 20 things we need to know about men.

  1. WE CANNOT CHANGE A MAN/THEY ARE WHO THEY ARE- what I mean by this is the simple fact that the way you get your man is usually the way they stay. The saying once a cheater, always a cheater is very important. There might be a tiny few things that change about your man, but him overall will not change. Men will also only want to change for themselves or if they put in the effort, not usually because of a woman or for a woman.

  2. DO NOT HOLD ON TO BULLSHIT FOR TO LONG- when you have an issue with your man, tell him straight up. The longer you wait to express your issue, the less serious the issue will be to him. I believe if you do not find common ground with your man and resolve the issue than it might never be solved. Men don't always do the enough when it comes to situations and women tend to do too much.

  3. FRAGILE EGO'S - men don't wanna look weak or incapable to handle things a man is suppose to handle. As a women I believe you have to consider what you say and how you say it, because men are much more sensitive than they give off.

  4. MEN LOVE COMPLIMENTS- men love when you tell them nice things and hype them up. Now do this with cation and make sure you mean what you say so that it is believable. Even though men won't act like it, they do love when you notice things about them.

  5. WHAT YOU ASK FOR IS HOW YOU WILL BE TREATED- this goes back to when women think they can change a man. If you want a bad boy, I would just say do not get mad if he cheats on you or treats you badly. Pay attention to how your man is treating his mom and other women in his family, and usually from there you can see what kind of person he is.

  6. HOW HE IS AROUND DOGS/CATS SAYS A LOT- in my opinion I believe how your man treats pets tells a lot about him. I think it is because I have personally been around guys who don't treat pets the best, and I believe that is when his true character comes out. I think the men who love on dogs and show more affections towards pets, tends to be more sensitive.

  7. DON'T ASK MEN MORE THAN TWICE IF THEY ARE MAD AT YOU- I know we all think we can sense our man saltiness but the truth is, you never know why people are mad just by their facial expressions. If you ask him if he is mad at you and he says no go with that. If he says no and you really don't believe it, I would ask him one more time before coming the conclusion that it is you. Your man will come to you and talk about why he is upset when he is ready so don't keep stressing him. He might have never been pissed with you, but your constant nagging on if its you, could give him a reason.

  8. DO NOT ASSUME WHAT IS GOING ON IN A MANS MIND- ask before jumping to conclusions or assumptions. You can't read minds even if you think you can you cannot, so you might drive yourself crazy thinking.

  9. "NOTHINGS WRONG"- if your man asks if something is wrong or if you have an issue and you say nothing, they will literally believe you. Regardless if you look mad or your body language says otherwise, your man will most likely not be able to tell. You are always better off telling the truth straight up.

  10. IF YOU ASK FOR HIS OPINION AND YOU DO NOT LIKE THE ANSWER DO NOT GET MAD- i see a lot of females have attitudes for no reason when the started the topic of the conversation in the first place. If you ask your man a question make sure you are prepared for the answer, regardless if it is negative or positive. Men do not really like attitudes for no reason or for dumb ones, unless you are in the beginning stages.

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