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You cannot judge a book by its cover...

so here are some things about me.

1. I love music more than everything. I probably won't go a single day without it.

2. I need a monster and coffee daily, regardless of my whereabouts.

3. If I am at the pool I MUST have a book.

4. Nails and lashes MUST be done.

5. I love to be outdoors.

6. Cannot leave the house without my headphones and charger.

7. I do not like to leave the house without a bottle of cold water, because I hate warm temp water!!

8. Solid colors only/remain neutral

9. I hate to forget my two rings that I wear, one has 7 diamonds in my birthstone and the other is a gold plated solid ring with 5 diamonds going across it.

10. I hate to hear my phone go off, so I always put it on do not disturb.

11. I carry an agenda to keep track of my schedule, so that I do not miss anything important.

12. I have 6 tats and more to come.

13. I am a LEO

14. I love to read, I can literally get lost in a book.

15. Simply obsessed with rose gold

16. I wish I could own every kind of fur slides.

17. Fall is my favorite fr

18. I secretly love the gym

19. FUTURE is my fave rapper

20. KD is my favorite basketball player

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