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2021 Wishes and Goals

We only have a few days until the new year. Even though this year I will be working New Years Eve, I am still gonna set some goals of mine for the beginning of next year. I thought I would share mine because I was bored, and why not. Here are a few things I will be trying to do better this new year. These are only a few things I am going to try to work on, I am sure throughout the months I will think of other things.


1. WORK OUT MORE - I am pretty sure I say this every year but this year I am gonna really try. For me I am going to try to work out every 3-4 days.

2. STOP SPENDING ON DUMB SHIT- I feel like a lot of times I buy the stupidest things that I don't need or end up using once. I am going to set a monthly budget and stick to that.

3. DRINK MORE WATER AND LESS SODA- this is so important for me to stick to, because some days I don't drink water at all. I love soda but I am going to try to drink only a few monthly.

4. START POSTING ON MY YOUTUBE AND DOING PHOTOSHOOTS- this is one of my biggest goals. This year I am going to take youtube much more serious and try posting at least three times a week. I also love posting content on my instagram but I feel like i am such a homebody and always say no to sho

ots....not any more.

5. START MY CLOTHING BUSINESS- so I am not gonna go to in depth, but stayed tuned for my business launch this year. This is something I have been researching for a while and thinking about, but this year I will finally launch and give it a try. I am super excited but it does take time, and since I want it to be perfect I don't wanna rush the process.

6. COOK MORE, EAT OUT LESS- this a serious problem I have. I swear I eat out every day, and I need help!!...jk I just need to sto

p being lazy and go grocery shopping and cook. I am actually a good cook I just hate waiting for the meal process.

7. STUDY FOR TESTS- I am currently a student, on top of all the other shit I do. One problem I have is that I hate studying. This is s

omething I am going to work on and try to do way better. I get distracted so easily so when I study I am going to be turning off my phone and focus only on my work.

8. BUY A NEW CAR- this will happen sooner than later, but this is one of my most exciting goals for the new year. I am really ready for a new car.

9. BE A GOOD DOG MOMMY- i already am a good dog mommy, but this year one of my goals is to take my babies on walks daily.

10. BE AROUND POSITIVE ENERGY- one thing about me is that sometimes I am to nice and will let anybody around me. I needa to start protecting my energy and not letting just anybody into my inner circle.

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