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When I am super hungry, and don't want to make something that is going to take a long time, I usually make some avocado toast. Now this meal can be made in many ways, so I am just going to share my version. You can add anything you want to this recipe to make it taste. I will be explaining the most basic way to make this simple meal, and honestly the way I like it.

STEP 1: The first thing I do is get the bread out that I will be using. I get two slices usually depending on hungry I am. I toast my bread, but you don't have to, this is just my preference.

STEP 2: I usually just use one fresh avocado, but if I have more than two slices of bread, then I might use half of another.

-I cut the avocado and smush it all up in a bowl. Make sure you take the seed out, because it is not edible.

-I get a small bowl, and a mush salt, pepper, lime juice, lemon juice, and sometimes some tomatoes.

STEP 3: When your toast is is of your liking, you can get a knife out and start spreading it on your two pieces of toast. Some people eat it as a sandwich and others eat the two slices by itself.

NOTE: You can add any kind of protein to your slices of toast to make it more filling.

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