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Sooo.. let me just tell you that I am not a health freak nor a gym freak. I go through these random ass fazes where I remind myself that I need to be healthy and In shape. I was a major athlete growing up, but as the older I got, it started being replaced with other things.

I am going to break down my ways to stay healthy, and little tricks I learned a long the way. I am not a professional gymnast or anything like that, but these things work for me, so why not share with everyone.

First thing I did was come up with a goal list....


-Tone my thighs and arms

-Work out at least 4 times a week

-Drink 4 bottles of water a day

-Take the stairs

-Work on stomach area

After I came up with some goals, I needed to make sure that I added all of those things into my daily schedule. Making time for things you don't always enjoy is not the easiest thing to do.

STEP 1: I found working out apps for the certain ares on my body I was focusing on the most. I got an app for arms, and another for my thighs and butt. I decided that i would work out Monday- Thursday and have the rest of the days to rest. Very workout, I will run a mile and do 3 workouts from my apps. For me this works, and is just the right amount of workouts so that I do not passs out and die.

STEP 2: Eating healthy can sometimes be hard for me, but if I make a little plan and make it known to myself then I tend to do okay. For starters it really helps me to set alarms, that will remind me to eat because sometimes I forget to. For me eating three meals a day, and also a few snacks helps me. That amount is just enough to get me going and to keep my energy level on a high.

STEP 3: Do not eat too much before hitting the gym. A little snack is okay, as long it is something healthy and not to heavy. Make sure you are also drinking plenty of water, so that you do not get dehydrated over time.

STEP 4: My last little tip would be to make sure you are always paying yourself while working out. Do not do things that are above your level, instead pace yourself and do what you feel is right.

Remember in the gym, the only person you are in completion with is yourself........

-ONE THING THAT has helped me over time, is to take photos of my progress. You may thing you are doing bad or not working as hard as you can, but to really know for sure...Capturing images has really helped me know for sure.


-Eating well will help you and/or your stomach stay happy. I recommend to have one or two cheat meals a week and try to keep the rest relatively healthy. If you pick healthy food you like, then it will be much easier to eat it and enjoy it.

-If you need to stay motivated, go on youtube or google and watch videos to help with motivation

-It helps to have a friend do a workout plan with you, so that you have somebody to go the gym with and be healthy with.

-DONT FORGET....drinks have calories to

-Don't compare yourself to anybody

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