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Updated: Jun 17, 2019

I never understood how something can be so powerful and connect so many individuals at once. This is how social media works, it brings the world together and turns us into one in a way. I grew up believing that you had to work hard all your life to get where you wanted to be.. but I was later fooled. I was fooled because I was lied to all my life. You don't have to work like a dog to be successful and just have to work smarter. Creativity and knowledge are the key points to a successful career as a blogger. You must stand out from the norm and have something about you that other don't.

At first I was just watching youtube videos for pleasure, but slowly it turned into my own person research. Youtube videos turned into how I figured out how to do most of my daily things. When I get up in the morning youtube taught me how to look cute and what to do. If I didn't know how to do something, I could just look it up and boom there is my answer. The lack of communication skills will continue to increase over the years. Social media isn't all cons though, it comes with pros that will also keep increasing through out the years. This new form of communication through the world has been creating many employment opportunities for people.

Everything in life, will have both a positive and negative impact on society and individuals. The good thing about social media, is that it is a place for people to co exist from all different types of places and countries. Over the years, the users have increased and will continue to increase. Smart phones are the number one area of increase because you get to directly communicate in an instant. Without social media, we would not be where we are today. For example, companies throughout the world spend thousands of dollars monthly for add release to the media. Because they know that everybody will be on those media sites, and they will reach many others.

There are more communication problems and less patients in this world, due to everybody getting use to having everything instantly. The longer things take the less patience people seem to have. The beauty of face to face conversations has slowly drifted away and people would rather communicate via smartphone.

Social Media hasn't taken over my life, but it has brought a more creative side out of me. Social media has given me a job and a skill I can work towards. Everyday it will get stronger and stronger and effect more people. In almost every category, media has taken over and created more power for people. Media is used for good, by influencing people, and also for bad.

The power will just increase...

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