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DUE to the current situation basically the whole word is going through, I have had to find things to due to keep me busy and from losing my mind while I am at home. I really hope that many people are staying home and really taking social distancing seriously. I really believe that if we stay home for a month or two, then maybe everything will get better quicker. So I am just going to begin with some of the things I have been doing these past weeks.

1. BATHHHH - you guys really need to take advantage of this relaxing time and take a hot bath and relax yourself. After a soak in hot water for about an hour, with bubbles and a great book or movie playing, I always feel better after. If you use soaps that are made for relaxing those tend to work pretty well. You could order them online instead of going to the store in person so that you do not get sick. If you turn off all of the lights and light some candles this can be very relaxing as well. After you take your bath, I would recommend taking a quick shower to wash anything left.

2.WORK ON RESUME- If you are anybody who is working then you know how important your resume is. I believe that there is always something to be done for it to be better. Looking at some perfect example resume is what I usually do online. Finding the perfect template is usually the next step I do. I like something that isn't to bright and is very well organized. Another important factor to your resume is having somebody to proof read it. Having another person to take a look is a must because sometimes others see what you don't. It is good to have a finished resume that is ready to be sent out at any time.

3.TAKE NAPS- Sleeping is very important, so if you guys are behind on your sleep, take this time to catch up.

4. CLEAN UP YOUR EMAIL AND YOUR PHONE- so I swear my email and my phone sometimes can be the most junkies of all. I have been taking advantage of this time to really clean up both so that I can be much more organized. I am sure there are apps that you guys are not using, so this is a good time to go ahead and delete them. Look through old photos and see if there is anything that you do not need. Another area is contacts, go and delete contacts that you don't use or don't remember. There are a lot of places for you to organize in your phone, since these days it really does have our whole lives on it.

5. CLEAN AND DO YOUR LAUNDRY- this is really important when you have free time especially during this time. Wash your clothes and put them all away. Also clean your room and kitchen so that everything is sanitary and ready to use. I love lighting candles after I clean, because it makes me feel happy and at peace, I also love the smell. Since we have more time on our hands these days, take this time to clean thing you usually wouldn't because I am sure they are very dirty. Clean our your fridge and freezer. My next cleaning project is my garage because it is crazy messy and has a lot of random junk. The feeling after you have cleaned up is the best, so while you have this free time, really take advantage and clean your area up.

6.COOK MORE- now this is also something that I really need to work on as well and this is the perfect time. Eating out consistently is something I do not recommend because you really do not want to get sick. I have been having order food to my house, and they just leave it outside my door. I have been going to the grocery store and have been planning my meals much more. Since we have so much more time, take advantage of meal planning and staying healthy.

7.BLAST YOUR MUSIC AND DO HOME WORKOUTS- so before I can workout I have to have the perfect playlist to keep me motivated during my workout. I have this long yoga mat that I lay down on the floor and do workouts on that. I also have apps on my phone that will guide me through a workout depending on what I want to work on that day. I usually work on my stomach or my thighs because I feel like that needs the most work on my body. I blast my music, and will have a workout going on my phone. Depending on how busy it is outside in my neighborhood, sometimes I might go for a walk. My yard is also pretty big so I might run suicides or just run some laps. Make sure you have some music to go along with your workout, or you might get bored.

8. DRINK WATER- this has been important for me, because I really don't drink enough water sometimes. I have been taking advantage of this time and have really been trying to hydrate myself. I went to the grocery store and have bought two 24 pack cases of water just in case I run out. I have been trying to drink anywhere from 8-10 bottles a day but right now I usually drink 2. I really notice when I have been drinking enough because of the way my skin looks. My face is very clear when I am drinking enough water. If you are like me, then really take advantage of this time to drink up on your water.

9.TAKE THIS TIME TO WORK ON YOUR PASSION- whatever that it is you like to do, but complain that you have no time. Well this is the time so stop complaining and get to it. I really like to write because I think sometimes it is easier to express myself than speaking out loud. I am taking this time to write, whatever I see or feel, I put that shit on paper. I also like to read, but I never have time. I finally have time to sit down and get into some of the books I have recently bought.

10. ORGANIZE EVERYTHING- the thing that will probably take me the longest is organizing my closet and all of my clothes. I also need to organize all my furniture in my room, that has shit in it. I need to give away a bunch of things, because I really don't use the things I have. I am really gonna take this time to clean and organize my whole house. The kitchen, laundry room, living room, and whatever else needs cleaning. After I am done, I always feel better.

...Hope some of those things helped you guys and gave you guys ideas on things to do.

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